The Polish pilot took place at SSW Collegium Balticum and at the SENSE THERAPY CENTRE in Szczecin in December 2021 and in January 2022.

In accordance with the pilot plan, it was conducted in two different stages, the first of which was training and the second strictly practical involving conducting 3D and AR exercises with students using 3D printed materials and using the Augmented Class! and 3D Bear.

The general reaction and feedback from teachers, therapists and children themselves has been more than positive. In the case of the SENSE Therapy Centre, where children on the autism spectrum predominate, most of the exercises provide great help, support and variety to the activities, and the children have become more open to cooperation and to getting involved in the activities. Teachers and therapists emphasise that they will use the materials and applications all the time, and are also thinking about buying their own 3D printer.