Throughout the month of February and the first week of March, the entire consortium of the Brave New Words project was engaged in the realization of four international webinars.

The Polish partner Collegium Balticum held the first webinar day on Friday 11th February 2022, talking about the project needs, aims and goals, and the importance to use modern technology, working with special education needs.

During the first webinar, all the various steps of the project development were presented, showing how the use of 3D printing and AR technology will transform the way people with SpLD will learn by offering them a multisensory experience. For the development of multisensory methods and methodologies, new technologies (3D printing and AR) can be useful tools for the development of new inclusive tools.

 In the following week, the Spanish partner SKILLS DIVERS for the second webinar day on 18th February, as experts in Augmented Reality technology has presented the two Apps used for the exercises developed by the consortium: Aclass! and 3DBaer. During the online seminar, Jussi Kajala and Sara Käkönen, the two developers of the App were invited for demonstrating the various possible outcomes through the combination of immersive technologies and stimulating pedagogical content for the best learning outcomes for kids with SpLD.

After that, María Jesús Pérez Quílez, an expert in SpLD from Cruz de Piedra School, presented the excellent results obtained during the test phase of the exercises. It was a good opportunity for the whole consortium to see how good the feedback is from the people that have tested the exercises. Also, the participants to the webinar, they could ask directly to her some tips to follow during the exercise session with their students in the classroom.

After the two webinars, in the last week of February, Friday 25th, the Bulgarian partner PARVI, expert in the Special Learning Disorder has done the third international webinar talking about the experience of using 3D printing and AR with people with SpLD, learning goals and concrete results.

They showed the participants the various documents developed during the project to be consulted, for those wishing to undertake this new learning methodology with the two technologies of 3D printing and AR.

The last webinar, the fourth online session was held on March 4th by the Italian partner CEIPES, expert in the field of 3D printing. Thanks to the great experience in this area, CEIPES has shared to the participants a complete presentation of how the 3D printing can be used. It was also showed how to design a 3D model, exporting the STL file and haw to set a 3D printer ready to print. After that, all the 3D printer exercises for BNW project were presented through the direct experience during the pilot phase, carried out in the past months at the psychoeducational association Si.Da.

At the end of the webinar participants shared their experience with 3D printing technology, giving excellent examples of experiences for those approaching technologies for the first time.

For those who missed these four events, all webinars will be available here in the project website as a final result of the project. This will allow those who still want to approach this new way to learn through the exercises developed for the two technologies: AR and 3D printing and to reach a greater number of people who will visit the website.

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