During the online meeting the partners presented the activities already carried out and in particular the Intellectual Output 2 – SET OF EXERCISES FOR USING 3D AND AR PRINTING WITH PEOPLE WITH SPLD already available on the site. For each exercise you will find inside: One exercise guide in English, Italian, Bulgarian, Spanish and Polish. The 3D renderings, STL files and photos of the exercises already printed. The same thing for the AR, it is possible to download for each exercise all the material necessary to learn for SpLD person.

Later the partners are also planning the Intellectual Output 3 activities. A pilot phase will be conducted by PARVI and the other associated partners to test all tools and activities done and realized during the implementation of the project. The project consortium is working with the associated partners to establish a guideline to follow even if it is a bit difficult due to COVID-19, so as to give the possibility to develop the pilot phase according to the COVID restrictions of the partner country.

In the following months, before June, the consortium of partners will work on the definition of the methodology to be used during the training with teachers and non-teachers, experts in SpLD, to use the 3D printing exercises and those in augmented reality.

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