During the first term of the 2021/2022 academic year, several teachers from Cruz de Piedra – teaching cooperative – have carried out the implementation of the pilot test of the Brave New Words Project.

For this, teachers have carried out training on innovative educational tools, specifically 3D printing and Augmented Reality, in order to put it into practice with their students and, finally, design new exercises with the tools provided. This training is part of the first phases in which the pilot test has been divided.

During the training, divided in two days, basics concepts about 3D printing and Augmented Reality have been introduced to the teachers and trainers working with people with SpLD. Most of the attendees were familiar with both technologies as the Teaching Cooperative Cruz de Piedra had both a 3D printer and some AR kits time ago.

The 3D printing technology explained in depth was the FDM printing, and regarding AR technologies, Augmented Class and 3DBear were the tools that were presented in depth to the attendees.

Once the training about technologies was concluded, the introduction and explanation of the proposed exercises for people with SpLD began. The exercises explained in this training have been designed by all four partners in the consortium, and have more than 300 printed pieces and several AR exercises proposed.

The experience has been very satisfactory for Cruz de Piedra Centre and teachers, and also for the students which have been part of the second phase of the pilot. Thanks to this project, the students have been able to practice literacy and numeracy through multisensory and inclusive exercises and innovative tools, increasing their opportunities to achieve and improve their results.