New, fun and useful! This is how we can describe the developed augmented reality content and 3D printed prototypes for learners with SpLD.

The BNW project “ Innovativ educational tools for training and teaching people with Special Learning Disorders “, Erasmus +, Programme, 2019-1-Pl01-KA204-064981, helps see the work of therapists, speech therapists, specialized teachers and other interested persons in a new light.

First National Dyslexia Centre is a partner organization in this project and in the period from June to October 2021 it has successfully organized and held a pilot testing of intellectual products within project. 

The pilot testing was conducted in two phases. 

We introduced specialists from various institutions – two schools, a day centre for working with children and youth and parents of children with SpLD to the project, manuals and practical implementation of these two technologies.  

Mr. P. Goranov, information technologies specialist, presented the capabilities of 3D printer, its design and working principle.  

Mrs. A. Milanova, innovative teacher and expert of Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Programme, conducted a training session on how to use the 3D bear and Aclass AR application. 

During the second phase, the children and youth with SpLD who participated in the event could test the materials and prototypes created under the project. 

Their comments can be summed up in three words: New, fun and useful!