The specific aims of the Brave New Words project are to create innovation learning pathways in order to:

  • Increase the quality of the educational and care giving process of staff working with people with SpLD trough provide proper tools to teachers, trainers and other staff
  • Increase the quality of the learning process to people with SpLD.
  • Increase the quality of the adult inclusive education in the countries involved.
  • Increase the cooperation among European different entities working in field of inclusive education, and technology development.

To achieve these goals, the consortium has defined several activities and results where is included “Identification of AR most suitable technologies for special education” document.

The consortium of partners already have developed the one related with the 3D printing in 5 different languages and downloaded via the following link.

The document related with the Augmented Reality technology has as main aim to select the most suitable AR technology for performing activities with students with special learning disorders, which were selected by the BNW project partners.

To achieve this goal, partners presented and analysed the main AR technologies available on the market, taking into account first of all type of AR technology supported: image tracker or surface based; types of AR content displayed: Images, 3D models, Text, Video; usability/user experience: web, app; supported devices/operative systems and price.

 The selection of the most appropriate technology for the exercises in the BNW project will allow the consortium of partners to develop a methodology for the implementation of educational exercises for students with special learning disorders using AR technology in educational practice. 

Please to download the documents click on the following links: 

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