The consortium is happy to announce  that the 3D and AR exercises are now available in all four languages of the consortium: Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Polish, and also in English. The set of exercises is developed by 3D printing and AR technology suitable to use with people with SpLD.

In particular, CEIPES and all partners developed 12 exercises as 3D model with their .stl files. Who wants to use them, just need to download the folder, then generate the g.code to insert it into the 3D printer. The 3D exercises have different objectives and shapes, but they all have in common the goal of helping people with SpLD in their daily tasks. Indeed, it will be easier for them to do the operations in mathematics, to recognize geometric shapes and European countries with their seas and so on. All exercises have been designed according to the methodology developed by the partners experienced in SpLD.

In a similar way, thanks to Skills Divers, expert in AR technology, and the support of all partners, it was possible to develop the AR exercises. Thanks to the methodology of storytelling or with the word-image association it will be easier for people with SpLD to learn letters of the English alphabet or to tell a story, and so on…

The 11 Augmented Reality exercises are also available on the website and each exercise requires material that can be easily reached by downloading the folder of the exercise of interest and installing the required application in a mobile device.

The consortium of the project, foreseeing that the AR technology was not well known, solved this possible problem, developing an AR Toolkit with all the necessary indications for staff and non-experts in SpLD. The toolkit will help to understand which app it is required in the device, where it is necessary to install the contents for carrying out the exercise and many other interesting things.

At the moment this AR Toolkit is only available in English, but thanks to the work of the partners who are translating it, it will also be available in all four languages of the project consortium.

In the following link you can download the AR toolkit in English language.

In conclusion, the project partners are working on the development of a methodology to test all the exercises and then improve them, to be sure of having an excellent result at the end of the project.

Please visit the project web site to download the AR and 3D exercises and to know more about the project follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.